• posta-annex-cover

    Postal Annex

    Why I've been a loyal customer at this store for 10+ years and why I think you will love it too. [...]
  • advent-cover

    Holiday Shopping Advent Calendar

    One of my favorite traditions growing up was the advent calendar.  My parents would get me a simple cardboard version each year with a piece of chocolate inside.  I [...]
  • omsi-gingerbread-cover

    OMSI Gingerbread Adventure

    While I haven’t started decorating yet, I’m fully embracing the holiday season.  My radio is on K103 (All Christmas Station) I’m making list, buying [...]
  • old-tucson-stagecoach

    Old Tucson

    My experience at Old Tucson, a former movie studio turned amusement park outside of Tucson, Arizona. [...]
  • oyatsupan-fruit-tarts


    A chic and modern Japanese bakery is hidden away in Beaverton. Seek it out. The hot dog alone is worth it! [...]
The Best Of Portland

5 Portland Places to Eat Pie

by Kristi in Food

If you're looking for pie, here are 5 great places to start, but it is by no means a complete list. [...]


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  • grand market place cover

    Grand Marketplace

    November 26, 2013 // 0 Comments

    I’ve been shopping for a new coffee table for my living room.  I have a couple specific styles in mind, so it’s kind of a treasure hunt to find exactly the right [...]

Portland Plates

  • maple bacon cover

    Portland Plates: Maple Bacon Doughnuts

    February 24, 2015 // 4 Comments

    Introducing my new monthly series, Portland Plates, where I recreate a famous Portland dish. This month a version of the famous Maple Bacon Bar that you can make at home! [...]

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