Palace Cakes

{2016 Update: Unfortunately Palace Cakes has closed.  Little Red’s Bakeshop is in the space now, but I have not yet visited)

Palace Cakes is where you should go with your daughter.  Or with your best friend.  Or with your mom. For cake and coffee after the symphony.  It’s where you should go if you want to have a chat.  Or enjoy a sweet moment with your kids before they head back to school.  

Palace Cakes case

Palace Cakes coffee

Palace Cakes is charming & delicious, small & intimate and just lovely.  They sell whole cakes for your special occasion, or slices to eat right now.  If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I find this city’s availability of a slice of cake shamefully lacking.  So Palace really hit the spot.  It made for a perfectly lovely time with my best friend and my baby.  For the adults: a french press of coffee and two slice of layer cake.  For the baby: a teething cracker.  We were all very happy.  

Palace Cakes Lemon Layer

Palace Cakes baby

We got buzzed on caffeine and sugar and watched the bakers crank out sweets in the open kitchen.  They work hard!  Two slices was way too much for two people, but we couldn’t decide on just one (but that’s okay because leftovers).  And I still can’t decide which I liked best.  The Lemon-Berry or the Enriched Uranium.  But who cares, both are delicious.  

Palace Cakes half eatenPALACE CAKES


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