This weekend I escaped the freezing fog in Portland for sunshine in the southwest.  Tucson was gorgeous with never-ending blue skies…even warm enough to wear shorts.  We spent the weekend staying at our grandparent’s retirement community called “The Voyager”.  I hope to god, we are all lucky enough to spend our golden years in a place that’s this much fun. It’s like summer camp for the 55+ crowd.  Pickleball, bocce ball, tennis, shuffleboard. Everyone drives golf carts and rides bikes to get around.  There are more activities than you can possibly fit in a day.

I just bought myself a new camera so I spent a lot of time trying to learn how to use it.  We went to a desert museum and hiking in a local park where the cactus and the sky never end.  We hiked 6 miles up into a park called Sabino Canyon, it’s kind of like Tucson’s version of forest park.  No trees, but it’s full of trails and stuff to do.   We spent one morning driving around to local comic book shops.  Something about Tucson really appealed to me on this trip, maybe it was just the weather, but I had a lot of fun, and wish I could have stayed for a week.

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