Grand Avenue Historic District

It is absolutely beautiful out right now.  Cold and windy… but beautiful.   The sky is never this blue in the summer.  There is too much smog and dust in the air.  It’s vibrant right now.


These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago, right after that amazing meal at Beast.  Let these photos inspire us all to throw on out hats and gloves and get outside while the sun is still here.  These were taken on “Walk 9” in Laura O. Foster’s book Portland City Walks… a nice 2.7 mile stroll through inner SE Portland (and a good excuse to try out the camera on my new iPhone).

Ummm…. mac & cheese.

"Heavens! Two ladies out for a stroll alone??!? We're going with you" — The Dogs.

I have been meaning to visit. They have weird hours.

I have a fantasy of writing a novel in this coffee shop... but I've never been in... or even started a novel.

I have a fantasy of writing a novel in this coffee shop… but I've never been in… or even started a novel.

More blue sky.

I love running the waterfront. Can't wait until it's light enough to do this before work.

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