So the big thing around town right now is burgers: Killer Burger, Foster Burger, Little Big Burger, Dick’s Kitchen. I’ve been to most of them, and they are very good.  After eating lots of good burgers on fancy-pants buns with fancy-pants ingredients, we went to Stanich’s, an old-timey sports-themes tavern that has been making classic burgers for over 60 years.

They don’t mess around with high falutin ingredients, or trendy toppings. This is basic burgers at basic prices.   From the simple menu to the sports themed decor inside, it’s a throwback burger joint that is really something special.  Its nice to find a place where families can take their kids, couples go on dates, and neighborhood regulars hangout at the bar.  Plus, they have table-top video games.

Their famous burger “The Special” which includes a patty, cheese, ham, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, onion, and tomato… is only $6.50. Pair that with a $2 Henry’s on tap and you’re set.

One criticism… I didn’t care for the fries. Not crispy enough for my taste.   Afterwards, I’d wished I’d just stuck with the burger and beer.  Also, this probably isn’t the BEST place for veggies and vegans.  While they have a couple sandwiches that appear to be meat-fee… I have a feeling they are cooked right along side the burgers.





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