St. Jack Pattisserie

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a rainy day.  That is, if you embrace it, rather than hate it. Some head to the movies, others to the bar, some stay in bed.  I love the sauna.  It’s the best way to beat that type of wet cold that cuts you to the bone.  If you can’t have the sun, at least you can have the heat.  My favorite place in Portland is Loyly, it’s a swedish spa on Clinton Street and it’s basically my recharging station.  (I’ve written about it before.) Two hours of steaming, sweating and drinking hot tea in relative silence is the perfect way for me to unwind.

I try to go a few times a year and usually I’ll hit St. Jacks before to get a cappuccino and pastry.  It’s a great little cafe that always seems to match the peaceful mood I’m in when headed for the spa.  My last visit was especially nice.  I picked a spot at the bar where I could sip my coffee, read my book (which I have since finished.  The Devil in the White City was excellent!) and stare at the pastries while I waited for breakfast.  It was a little steamy inside because of the rain, which made it especially cozy.  I listened to the rain, and quiet conversations around me, while waiting for an egg to bake on top of my galette.  It was a lovely morning.

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