Segway Tour

My lifelong dream of riding a Segway comes true. Here’s my review of this Portland tour:

Put a big fat check mark on my bucket list, because I accomplished a big one:  riding a Segway!  I don’t know why, but ever since Segway was released in 2001, I have been dying to ride one but until this week I just never made it happen.  Many times I considered taking tour but I just never pulled the trigger, then this month my Dad decided he wanted to take a Segway tour for his birthday.  YESSSSSSS!!!

We signed up for the Portland Waterfront tour with Nation Tours tour company. And yes, it was everything I dreamed it would be but I was surprised at long it took me to get the hang of driving one.  Luckily, before the tour started, the guide gave each of us some one-on-one time to get the hang of it.  Getting on and off is a little tricky and learning to trust the machine was hard for me.   Stopping  is also a trick, as Segways have no brakes and they are always in drive.  If you fall off, they will just keep going without you!  

Our tour started at the office near the Morrison Bridge, then we crossed the river over the Hawthorne Bridge.  From there we headed towards  OMSI then crossed back over the Tilikum Crossing Bridge, before returning through the South Waterfront area.  Our group was small, just the guide and the three of us, but the groups can get up to 12-15 people.  The guide stopped us every 15 minutes or so to give us some history but most of the time was riding!  I was hesitant for the first 15 minutes or so, but by the end, I was driving that thing at full speed!  

The tour we went on is hardly a comprehensive tour of Portland, but if you want a fun way to explore the waterfront and get some great views of the bridges and river,  this is a great option.   The whole thing was about two hours and I had a smile on my face for pretty much the entire time, so I’d call this a huge success.  Happy touring!



{Note: This is not a sponsored post and Nation Tours has had no contact with me beyond the tour.}

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