A little peek inside one of the best arts & crafts stores in the city. Inspiration around every corner!

Back at Christmas time, when I was working on my Holiday Shopping Advent Calendar, I took a bunch of photos at the Alberta location of Collage.  I was recently looking through them and thinking about how much I love this store and I thought I might share some more photos.  This is probably my favorite art and craft store in the city.  If they were open until 9pm (Oh Michael’s why can’t I quit you?) I would shop here exclusively.

What I love about it is the cool little project ideas they have everywhere.  Lots of ideas, inspiration and just cool products.  This last trip I noticed so many fun things for kids too.  Art sets, books, craft kits, that kind of thing.  And for adults they have it all from fine art supplies, to fairy garden decorations, to books and creative gift wrapping.  Here are a few photos, check them out and maybe you will get inspired too.  Happy making!

  • Washi washi washi!!!

This location of Collage is in the Alberta Arts District of NE Portland, but they have two more location in Sellwood and Richmond.  



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