Twin Pines Country Club

FREE miniature golf in the Montavilla neighborhood! I went to check it out. Here’s the deal…

Not one.  Not two.  But three different people sent me links saying “this is perfect for your blog”.  And they were all correct.  This little SE Portland attraction hits all my sweet spots.  Weird, free and mini golf.  So this weekend we finally went to check out the Twin Pines Country Club.  It’s a very fancy name for  a mini golf course in family’s yard.  

Twin Pines course

Twin Pines Hole In One

A local family decided they wanted to do something fun for the neighborhood, so they set up a 6-hole mini golf course on the side of their house off of 82nd Ave in the Montavilla neighborhood.  They have a locker in the back corner with balls and clubs and a phone number you can call to get the combination (it’s just a recording).  

Twin Pines Putting

Twin Pined Lions

We are pretty avid mini golfers, and I would actually qualify this course as “difficult” do to the uneven turf that was laied down over lawn.  In my book that’s a good thing.  I’d rather have a hard course than a super easy one.  We played a round and let the baby hit a few balls (this was her first time mini golfing!).  It only took us about 15-20 minutes to play, but it was fun.  Plus knowing this is simply a labor of love, something fun for the community, makes it even better.   If more people had that attitude, this might be a better world.  

Twin Pines Bridge Hole

Twin Pines Locker

So if you are out and about, looking for something fun to do, stop in and check it out.  It’s silly and fun and one of the most “Portland” things I’ve been to in a while.  Happy putting!

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