The Venderia

The slogan is “everything you need for a one-night stand” or a lot of laughs. Check out this awesome local business!

In a time when Portland is changing so quickly, and perhaps loosing some of its old character, businesses like The Venderia make me hopeful for this city’s future.  This little business is proof that the DIY, “Keep Portland Weird”, entrepreneurial spirit that made this city what it is, is still out there.  In this case, waving its flag in the dark corner of busy local bars.

Venderia Machine and pinball

Venderia crowd

You may have encountered The Venderia and not even realize it.  They are vending machines in local bars stocked with weird stuff.  By weird stuff I mean books, old VHS tapes, greeting cards cassette tapes, pregnancy tests, and best of all: mystery grab bags.  How can you resist?  

Venderia porno

Venderia fortune

I visited the machine at the Paymaster Lounge recently.  I bought a tiny porno zine (Curiosity got the best of me) and a misfortune cookie.  My beer drinking companion, Gloria, bought herself a mystery pack to reveal her spirit animal.  Turns out hers is a gorilla, go figure.  

Venderia machine

At the time of this writing the machines are at these locations:

Florida Room
The Know

If you see one around give it a try!  It’s great for conversation and you might even find something you want inside.  Three cheers for weird!  #supportlocalbiz



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  1. Thanks for the great write up. I appreciate your quest for Old Portland charm and authenticity! I’m embarassed so many slots were empty in our machine when you visited. If you’d like a better (less empty) picture of the machine, I can give you some. I have faith the best rears of your life on not behind you. xoxo!!

  2. Hi Taylor! Glad you found my post. You really have a great business, I hope it’s going well. Love following your progress on Insta. I would love a better photo if you have one: Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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