Lounge Lizard

I’m looking for a new lamp. Or a couple new lamps.  Somehow I’ve lived in my home for about 8 years and never put any lights in my living room.  We had one standing lamp for a couple years but it’s a baby hazard so we had to move it to the basement.  Now we are plunged back into darkness.  

Lounge Lizard hanging light

Lounge Lizard Cool blue lamp

So I’m on a quest to find a couple table top lamps or a hanging lamp.  Nothing at IKWE got me very excited, so I’m beginning to look at some vintage stores around town.  And boy, did I find the place!  Lounge Lizard!  I’ve been going here for years during various searches for furniture but Until now I never realized just how many lamps they have.  Hundreds!  

Lounge lizard original store

Lounge Lizard Cool blue lamp

Everything is super cool, unique and in great condition.  They don’t just sell vintage furniture, they refurbish it too.   So everything is clean and in good working condition. I’ve always been especially impressed with the prices on their couches, many between $300-500.  Hard to find things that cool, for these kind of prices.  I was really smitten with a 6-piece sectional on sale for $300!

Lounge Lizard sectional

One recent development, they opened a second store on Hawthorne, just a block away from the original.  Both are just jammed with awesome stuff.  And they have a third store in Multnomah Village too.  The selection is overwhelming.  

Lounge Lizard blue lamps

Lounge Lizard poodle lamp

As for the lamp, I didn’t buy one while I was there, but I have a really good idea what I want now.  I think I might go back to get one this weekend.  If you are sick of IKEA like I am (although I’m sure I’ll be back, who am I kidding) and want something cool and original for your home, check out Lounge Lizard.  Happy shopping!


*There is a clothing store in NW Portland called Lizard Lounge, don’t get them confused. 🙂

Lounge lizard exterior

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