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Half-naked men, chakra healers, baroque music, bonsai trees and lots of Old German beer. One night a year artists take over an entire floor at the Ace Hotel. See what happens…

Saturday night I went to a fantastic event at the Ace Hotel.  The show is called “Content” and for one night it takes over the entire second floor of guest rooms.  Inside each room a local designer create an original installation featuring their work or aesthetic.   But, I’m sorry to say this happens only one night a year, so you will have to wait until next November to check it out.  

Content2015 hallway

Content 2015 flag bed

Content2015 diorama

There was a huge range of spaces, moods and activities inside each room.  Some embraced the original room by incorporating the bed, others moved the bed out entirely.  Some rooms where very interactive with opportunities to participate in a group project, contribute your own words, or interact with performers.  One space, with a continual line, out the door was healing your chakras.  I don’t think I buy into it, but you never know until you give it a try.

Content2015 interactive

Content2015 start own co

Content2015 shakras

Content2015 red bondage

My favorite room was created by designer Brady Lange: a living paper doll.    There was a rack of cardboard clothes on the wall so guests could change his outfit.  He was a real sport about letting me (and hundreds of other people) touch him.  

Content Paper Doll

There were a couple rooms filled with flowers, hanging plants and bonsai trees.  Another room had a giant glowing moon floating in the center with ethereal music and cushions to relax on the floor.  I would have liked to sit down and relax but it was fairly crowded.  

Content2015 sollabee

Content2015 flower room

Content2015 flower ceiling

Content 2015 moon room

Many of the artists really took the assignment to heart, transforming not just the bed space but also the bathroom.  This was often the best part of the exhibit.  I love a surprising, hidden nook.

Content2015 flag toilet

Content2015 bonsai bathtub

Content2015 skatebathroom

The rooms were inspiring and so were the guests.  People in Portland know how to dress. It’s one of the aspects I love most about fashion events, seeing what people are wearing.  Style is not one of my strengths.  I recognize it and admire it, but I need all the help I can get in that department.   

Content2015 Katie Guinn

Content2015 wrestling masks

This event was just so much fun and I hope you’ll put in on your calendar for next year.  I wore a Mexican wrestler mask, wrote on a wall, had my chakras healed and drank two Old German beers.  Good times.

$15-20 (2015)



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