Geiser Grand Hotel

A Gold Rush era luxury hotel in the middle of arid Eastern Oregon. Stay for the night of for a fancy meal in their elegant dinning room.

Visiting Baker City, Oregon has been high on my wish list for a couple years.  Why you might ask?  Well, because I want to see the Geiser Grand Hotel.  I don’t know how I first heard about this place, but I found it absolutely enchanting.  Just imagine what Oregon was like back in 1889 when it first opened, it was a land of pioneers, traders and gold miners.  The wild west!  And in the middle of the arid eastern Oregon, they built a luxury hotel.  The gold rush was in full force and money was flowing.  I’m probably romanticizing, but with this picture in my mind, our family headed for Baker City.

Geiser Grand Turett

Geiser Grand exterior

I really wanted to stay at the Geiser Grand Hotel.  It has undergone serious renovations and it still a very nice hotel.  But I just couldn’t get an overnight stop to fit into our travel plans.  So I settled for dinner under the beautiful stained glass skylight in the grand Palm Court dinning room.

Geiser Grand Palm Court

Geiser Grand chandelier

It was our first fine dining experience with a baby and it went well.  We had the earliest seating at 5pm and the server was incredibly understanding having 4 children of his own.  They brought out the fanciest high chair I’ve ever seen, although we had to use white cloth napkins to tie her into it!  As for the food it was very good, very traditional steakhouse fare, but delicious.  

Geiser Grand stained glass ceiling

Geiser Grand highchair

Grand Geiser dinner

Mostly I just enjoyed the ambiance.  I must confess I had the Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel in my mind as well, but the Geiser Grand has been kept in much better shape.  If you are passing through Baker City, I think it’s worth a stop.  And if you pretend you know where you are going, like I did, you can poke around the hotel and get some better views of the dining room.  Happy Travels!



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