Sharing Sunday: The Numbers

The Local Food Challenge is underway. Today I’m looking at the numbers for week one, did I meet my 10% goal? How will I up my game for next week?

Week one of the Oregon Food Bank’s Local Food Challenge is over and so far it’s going well.  This week I decided to buy my local foods at a little farm stand called “The Barn” in DEEP northeast Portland, off of Airport Way and 148th.  The store is run by Trapold Farms, a local family business that grows food on Sauvie Island.  I bought only foods grown on their farm (pretty much everything in the store is, but there are are couple exceptions) and it took care of most of the produce on my grocery list.  And the best part?  All of this only cost $9.  

Local food purchase

Local food The barn

But did I make my goal to spend 10% of my grocery bill on local foods?  Here are the numbers:

The Barn: $9.18
Winco: $68.25
TOTAL: =$77.43 

That means that I spent 11.8% on local foods!  But that’s only at first glance.  After reviewing my Winco receipt I realized I also bought Tillamook Cheese, Tillamook Yogurt and Franz Bread for a grand total of $20.32 on local foods.  That’s 26% of my grocery bill!

Local produce plums

I bought a lot of stuff at Winco that is not local:  milk, juice, meat, mangos, canned beans and crackers.  So my goal for this next week is to find ways to incorporate other local foods into the mix.  Can I find some local meat?  Or local milk?  I’m off to make my grocery list….


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