Sharing Sunday: Local Food Update

Week Two update on the Local Food Challenge. See how I did when I shopped at Whole Foods plus, why I’m adding to my challenge for next week.

I am exhausted. I had a rough week followed by a fun but exhausting weekend (even playing in a lake is exhausting with a baby) and now I want to go to bed!  But first, a quick update on week two of the Local Food Challenge.  
I have been feeling bad all week because I thought I might have failed at my goal this week (10% of my grocery bill on local foods).  But then I ran the numbers….

My goal for this week was to incorporate local meat into our meals, so I headed to Whole Foods.  (Where do you get local meat?  I don’t know where to go other than Whole Foods.)   Whole Foods had local meat, but I had a harder time with the produce.  They had lots of local veggies but they were not the foods on my grocery list.  So I ended up buying a lot of my produce back at Winco.  Sad face.  I could have gone back to The Barn, but really?  Who has time to shop at THREE stores to get their groceries?  

But I didn’t need to worry.  Check out these numbers:

Total Bill:  $82.69
Local Foods: $27.02  ($24.62 Whole Foods + $2.40 Winco)
=33% on local foods!

Wow!  Better than last week!  But I still feel like I could have done better.  The local meat was more expensive so it took up a larger percentage of my grocery bill and none of the fruit I bought was local.  At this time of year that’s silly.  So next week I’m going big.  I’m going to try to hit 50%.  It might mean three stores… but I’ll try.  

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