Jade Night Market

A midsummer nights festival in Portland’s Jade District.

I feel like kind of a tease, writing about this now because the event is over and you can’t go again until next year.  So file this away in your brain:  next August, check out the Jade Night Market on SE 82nd Ave.   The Jade District is the area surrounding 82nd & Division “identified for its blend of Asian influences”.  There are bunch of restaurants including Wong’s King, Ocean City and HaVL,  plus FuBonn Supermarket.  

Jade market stage

For two Saturdays each summer they host a big party called the Jade Night Market.  We went to check out on the final night  and had a blast.  There were some great performers, lots of people, lots of lights and of course, lots of food.  The baby LOVED it, but she loves any place with lots of people.  Jacob and I enjoyed the atmosphere and had a pretty decent Dim Sum feast for just a few dollars.  
Enjoy the photos!

Jade market snacks

Jade market food

 Jade market sesame balls

Jade market furniture store

AUGUST 15 & 22ND, 2015, 5-10PM

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