Sharing Sunday: Duct Tape Obsession

Exposing my duct tape obsession. See how I use it all over the house!

I’m not  huge DIY-er especially when it comes to my home.  I try to be, but I know my limits.  Experience has taught me, some things are just going to look terrible if I do it myself.  Like the time I put up crown molding in my bedroom.  It was (and still) is a mess.  Do not look at the corners.  Lesson learned.

It wasn’t possible with my crown molding project, but whenever I can I turn to duct tape to solve my problems. I know it’s kind of a fad from the early days of Pinterest…but I’m still going strong.  In fact, I recently realized that I use it all over my house.

Duct tape medicine box

Duct tape tray

When I refused to pay $12 for a plastic bathroom cupboard organizer. I used duct tape and a shoe boxes instead.  Ugly coffee tins and baby wipes?  Duct tape!  

Duct tape coffee

Duct tape wipes
My wallet.  Duct tape of course.  I use a pattern I got off the internet years ago, then alter it for my needs.  I’ve been sporting a houndstooth print for a couple years but I’m going to upgrade to gold soon. I have even been perfecting a men’s duct tape wallet that my husband uses.  It is the width of a credit card with 3 stacking pockets.  One of these days I’ll share my pattern.  

Duct tape wallet

I guess I’m a little obsessed.  But the stuff is so durable and comes in every color.  Here are a couple tips I’ve learned along the way.

  • Alway cut.  Never rip.  Sharp scissors work fine or an exact-o knife.
  • It stretches.  Use that to your advantage when covering objects with curved edges.
  • Learn how to make a duct tape sheet.  Once you get that down you can make almost anything.  

Happy taping! 



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