Portland’s Coolest AirBNB Rentals

I looked through hundreds of Portland AirBNB listings to find the coolest (and weirdest) places to lay your head. These are my favorites.

I do so much writing about the awesome stuff to do in Portland, but not much about places to stay. But that’s about to change…. Now that AIRBNB is (mostly) legal, I decided to seek out some of the truly original places to stay.  Warning: These are all unique places to sleep and many of them are not for everybody.  If you want to stay in a cool loft in a trendy part of town, there are NO SHORTAGE of those.  Just browsing through the listings I saw at least 5 dozen beautiful apartments and homes I’d LOVE to sleep in.  But if you want something a little different and much more memorable try one of these…. #keepportlandweird

Photo: AirBNB

Photos: AirBNB

Glamping Tent at an Urban Farm: $65/night, SE Portland.  Live your dream of farm life, without the work.  The accommodations are a little rustic but manageable with an aero mattress and bathrooms across the yard in the host’s farmhouse, but when there are goats and chickens outside your door, who cares!

Kuza Cabin Comp

Photos: AirBNB

The Kuza Garden Cottage: $150/night, Alberta Arts District.  This is  little guest house behind the Yakuza Lounge on NE Killingsworth.  The cozy, modern cabin is nestled in a beautiful Japanese garden complete with it’s own hot tub!  But the real reason to stay here is the food– you are just steps away from some of the best restaurants in Portland: Beast, Autentica, Cocotte, Expatriate.  

Beaver Comp

Photos: AirBNB

 The Beaver: $64/night, NE Portland.  The name alone is a great reason to stay here, but it’s also adorable.  The vintage trailer has been spruced up with modern furniture and decor.  It would be an memorable and affordable way to enjoy Portland.
garden oasis cottage

Photo: AirBNB

 Garden Oasis Guest House:  $65/night, NE Portland.  This list would not be complete without a tiny house.  This one is beautiful,  tucked into a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by a beautiful garden.  
Deco Dream living room

Photo: AirBNB

 Deco Dream:  $124/night, Hawthorne neighborhood.  Wow. Just wow.  You need to click through to see the photos of this place.  It’s ridiculous.  Can I have a party here?  Not only is the decor amazing, but there are fantastic features like a cedar sauna, clawfoot tub, and aquarium in the bedroom.  I think you need to stay here just to take it all in!  Wow.  
Columbia Yacht Comp

Photos: AirBNB

 Columbia River Yacht:  $100/night, Hayden Island.  It’s not exactly in the heart of Portland, but for the right people this could be perfect.  Watch the sunset then let the river rock you to sleep.  You can’t drive the boat anywhere but the cabin is beautiful and sleeps 4 people.  
island farm retreat

Photo: AirBNB

Island Farm Retreat:   $105/night, Sauvie Island.  Of all the properties, this one tugs my heart the most.  Sauvie Island is just north of downtown Portland it’s popular for berry picking, cycling, bird watching and a nude beach. Not a very convenient place for tourists looking to explore the city, but a great choice for bird lovers, hikers and locals looking for a getaway.  
Beacon Cabin Comp

Photos: AirBNB

The Beacon Cabin: $200/night, Yamhill-Carlton.  Ok, this really is not in Portland, but if getting your Pinot on is your idea of a great vacation, you can’t find a better setting than this.  It only sleeps two people but the bedroom has a 360 degree view of the countryside.  Le sigh…

These are my offbeat and fun AirBNB finds.  They are a little unconventional and a little off-the-beaten path.  If you are looking for a great location, there are tons, TONS of beautiful apartments, condos and lofts for rent on AirBNB in fantastic Portland neighborhoods like the Pearl District, Mississippi and Hawthorne.  But if you want to give the Keep Portland Weird lifestyle a try, properties like the ones I’ve shared here, might be your jam.  


PORTLANDS coolest airbnb rentals


8 Comments on Portland’s Coolest AirBNB Rentals

  1. What fun places to stay! Even though I live in the area, I would stay in just about any of these!

  2. How fun! It’s neat to pick someplace to stay that itself is a bit of an experience and not just a bed to crash in!

  3. Kristi, I LOVE this list! You found some amazing gems here! I want to stay in some of them (and we should definitely have a party in the Deco room…holy cow!). Pinning this so I can send it to friends when they come visit. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE this post! I often find myself browsing Airbnb just for fun. These are some great spots!

  5. Hi Kristi, I love this list of the rentals. Have you had the chance to check out Vacasa? Vacasa has a similar business model and is based out of Portland.

  6. Hi Jill! No I have not but I’ll give it a look. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Kristin, it would be great if you could do an update to this list! Things in Portland have changed a lot since 2015. Here’s a link to our listing: http://www.5816ne25th.com


  8. Hi John! Thanks for reading! I can not believe it’s already been two year since I wrote that post. I will update it soon and I’ll keep your listing in mind! Thanks so much. Good luck to you.

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