Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens

One of the most beautiful gardens in Portland is in bloom! Find out how you can get in for free…

I confess.  I did a post once before about the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens.  But it was a different time.  It was 2013.  Fast & Furious 6 was about to open, everyone was clamouring for an iPhone 4s and Taylor Swift was winning all the awards.   Like I said, I completely different world.  Including the flowers. The flowers in the rhododendron garden at the end of May were a little sad.  A little droopy.  But this week, I stopped by again, and it was gangbusters!  One year and eleven months since my last visit, the flowers are in full bloom, and I just have to share the beautiful photos. 

Rhododendron stairs to lake

Rhododendron waterfall

Rhododendron white by lake

Rhododendron yellow bush

This is a public park, but because it is so well cared for, there is an admission fee five days a week.  Unless you go on a Monday, Tuesday, before 10am or after 6pm, then it’s free!  But if you do have to pay it’s only $4 per person, children under 12 are always free.  Of course I was there with my little baby.  So were dozens of other moms.  And dogs!  Don’t forget dogs are allowed, so bring them along!  The trails are paved or wide gravel paths, so strollers will work too.   The flowers are popping now, so if you are going to visit, go soon.  

Rhododendron red

Rhododendron red by lake

Rhododendron pink white

Rhododendron pink path

5801 SE 28TH AVE

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