Portland Dining Month 2015 Preview

My top 10 Portland Dining Month picks, the best deals and the most fun!

Wow, it’s already March.  How are those New Years Resolutions coming?  Hopefully losing weight isn’t one of them because it’s Portland Dining Month.  For the month of March, 100 of the best restaurants in the city offer a 3-course meal for $29.  It can be a great way to try out new places, so it’s time to get out of the house and eat!  That is unless you have a little baby like me… I probably won’t make it out this year.  #newmomlife  

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But instead, I’ve compiled my top 10 Portland Dining Month picks.  I went through all 100 menus to pick out the most interesting and best deals.  Here’s where would go if I had the time and money: 

  1. The Country Cat: We went to a few Dining Month meals last year and the one at Country Cat was hands down the best.  Last year they served fried chicken… this time they’re doing baby back ribs.  I’m sure it will be outstanding.
  2. Bazi Bierbrasserie: This Belgian beer bar just off of SE Hawthorne knows what people really want.  It’s including a beer pairing with each course.  Appetizer, salad and entree plus 3 beers for $29. What a deal!
  3. Racion: This spot has been high on my list for a while.  Racion is small restaurant in Portland’s West End known for using molecular gastronomy.  Lucky for us the dish I always hear raves about, the sous vide egg, is part of their Dining Month special. 
  4. Grain & Gristle: A solid little pub in NE Portland that’s offering a great deal that includes a meat board, vegetable course and a choice of either the burger or Belgian-style mussel frites, plus a beer! And the atmosphere here is really fun too.
  5. Autentica: This is one of my favorite places for brunch, but I’ve never tried dinner.  They are offering ceviche, slow-cooked meats and dessert for the March special.  If it’s half as good as brunch you’ll get your money’s worth.
  6. Biwa: This spot known for it’s ramen is offering a smorgasbord 4-course menu (instead of 3) with choices that include: sashimi, salads, goyza, yakatori, pork stew and ice cream.  
  7. Cocotte: I’m a little shy of French food, but this menu sounds like a really good way to ease myself in: chicken liver mousse, escargot, and steamed mussels.   
  8. Levant: This middle eastern restaurant is currently one of the most talked about restaurants in town.  Their dining month special includes lentil soup, lamb three ways and a pistachio custard.
  9. Nedd Ludd:  Everything at this place on North MLK is cooked in a wood-fire oven.  Everything. Order the March special and you’ll get to try their vegetable gratin or chicken with a leek and mushroom ragu.   
  10. Firehouse Restaurant:  Some say this is the best deal out of the bunch because you can pick your own menu: any small plate, any salad and any entree.  Sounds like fun to me.

Enjoy Portland Dining Month.  Not all the restaurants take reservations but some do.  Check out the Open Table dining month page to make yours.  Unfortunately, I’ll probably be living vicariously through Instagram, unless I figure out a way to sneak out for a quick meal.  Bon appetite!



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  1. Love the picks! Did you hear Country Cat owners were on Food Network show Chopped and won!? I’m sure that place will be even more packed now!

  2. I did hear that! I’m going to have to find it and watch since I don’t have cable TV.

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