Dutch American Market

A one-stop shop for all your wooden shoe, blue china and licorice needs. Head out to this hidden gem on a highway in Beaverton.

Last week I left the land of bike boulevards, pour-over coffee and artisan donuts to spend a little time on the other side of the West Hills.  I grew up in Washington County and still have parents, friends and a dentist out there so I visit on a regular basis.  I’m generally not  huge fan of the Beaverton area… there are far too many Applebee’s and SUVs but there is more to it than big box stores and traffic. There are some hidden gens too.  Spring Restaurant is a great example, excellent Korean that’s hidden away on the second floor of a grocery store.   And we just ate at a great little hole-in-the-wall Ramen place called Yuzu on the suggestion of Amy from Eating My Way Through Portland.  It was delicious as promised.  

yuzu beaverton

 But today I want to share another gem hidden out on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway: The Dutch American Market.  Seems kind of random, right?  A dutch import store?  Well, it is.  But it’s fun!  

Dutch American Cafe

Dutch American Slippers

Dutch American Cheese Counter

If you need wooden shoes.  They have them.  
If you need Delft Pottery.  They have it.  
If you need black licorice candy.  They have it.  

Dutch American Delft China

Dutch American Wooden Shoes

Dutch American Licorice

They also have a really nice cheese counter and a little deli.  Plus all kind of Dutch cookies, candies, sprinkles, and canned goods.  If you need a specialty European item, give them a call, or if you happen to be visiting your friends or Dentist in Beaverton, make a quick stop.  It’s not going to fulfill your need for a visit to Amsterdam, but it will fill your candy drawer for a couple weeks.

 Dutch American Chocolate

Dutch American Cookies


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  1. Hi,
    This is Morgan from the Dutch American Market. All of us at the Dutch store wanted to send big thank you’s to you for advertising and reviewing us. We love all the pictures and were wondering if we advertised your name if we would be able to use the pictures on our website! Please contact us back.

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