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I am kind of a Korean food newbie.  I’ve really only been to two Korean restaurants and one of the visits was during an unfortunate experimentation with vegetarianism.  But I keep reading about this place in Beaverton called Spring Restaurant. It’s supposed to be excellent food and it’s kind of a secret.  The restaurant is hidden away on the second floor of a Korean Grocery store, up an unmarked staircase next to the meat counter.

Spring Restaurant 2

Spring Restaurant 7

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It’s a pretty basic place, with a dozen tables, sparse decor and a giant photo menu for people like me who don’t know what to order. We decided on some steamed dumplings, beef Bulgogi, and an order of BiBimBap.  A fairly safe meal for me, I’m sure my dining companion Emmi wanted to order something crazier, but she was kind enough to indulge my unsure appetite.  The service was a little short.  She took our order quickly and brought out the banchan sides (I had to look that name up) right away.

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Spring Restaurant 1

Spring Restaurant 3

The food came out HOT.  The Bulgogi was excellent sweetly flavored and fairly tender.  Hands down the best part of our meal.   The BiBimBap was pretty good.  A tough dish to share and a little light on the meat but it was good.  The dumplings unfortunately were not so good.  Incredibly bland. Even the dipping sauce didn’t help.  So we only ate a few of those.  I wish now, that I had ordered a noodle soup but there’s always next time.

Spring Restaurant 5

As for the prices, it was ok. For 3 entrees we spent $29.  But I did leave FULL.  I didn’t need to eat again until about 7pm!  So that was good, but I am only so-so on this place.  I really wanted to love it, but it fell a little flat for us.  Now part of that might be my own fault, ordering conservatively, and my unfamiliarity with Korean food.  I’m not turned off all together but I might experiment with different restaurants before coming back here.  But I really loved the atmosphere and it was fun to poke around in the grocery store after lunch. One important note:  On the staircase on the way up, there were signs referencing a management change, so that may a factor in our mediocre experience.





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