Tweed Ride 2014

A very “Portland” event held every April. Spend an afternoon in your Sunday Best slowly touring Portland by bike.

Update 2016:  The Tweed Ride is Sunday, April 17th 2016.  Get the rest of the details on their website.

I have not been to a real “Portland” event in a longtime.  Santacon, Pirate Festival , The Urban Iditarod, I’ve done them all but this is my first time participating in the Tweed Ride…and I loved it.  This event is held every April and it’s a lot of classy fun.  While I’m sure many people were drinking, this even was less about the alcohol and more about the costumes and bikes.  Three-piece suits, long flowing skirts, hats and even a penny farthing.  Everyone looked amazing.  In fact Jacob and I were among the LEAST fancy people there.  My tweed was hardly the right time period but it worked okay.  I rented it from Hollywood Vintage.  (Did you know they rent?  I did’t until this weekend.)

Tweed Ride Kristi.jpg

Tweed Ride Standing.jpg

Tweed Ride Picinic

Tweed Ride Dog.jpg

The party started at 1pm with a tea party outside the the Gazebo at Peninsula Park.  Everyone hung around with their bikes wearing their Sunday Best, eating from picnic baskets and sipping out of tea cups.  Very elegant!  I honestly did a terrible job documenting this event.  There were so many cool costumes.  Even a few dogs wearing tweed!  One man was dressed as a constable, a few took the “newsboy” look and there were a couple steam punks!  Shortly before 2pm we all gathered for a photo taken by a man named Andrew McConathy with a plate camera.  Check out last year’s photo here.

Tweed Ride Old Camera

Tweed Ride Group Photo Sepia.jpg.jpg

Tweed Ride Tea Party.jpg

Tweed Ride Steam Punk.jpg

At 2pm we all took off on bike on a winding, leisurely 10-mile ride through NE Portland.  We cruised Mississippi and Alberta much to the delight of pedestrians and much to the dismay of cars.  A few hundreds bikes riding en masse really blocks up the road.  I’m sorry to say I did not stop to take photos  during the ride other than at one group stop after crossing the Hollywood Transit Center pedestrian bridge.

Tweed Ride Bridge Stop 2

Tweed Ride End.jpg

Tweed Ride Old Portland.jpg

Tweed Ride Old Portland Inside.jpg

Tweed Ride End Photos.jpg

Around 3:45 we all arrived at Old Portland Hardware which is a super cool store off of Sandy Blvd.  I have never heard of it before but it’s worth a stop.  It was a perfect place for people dressed in old fashioned clothes.  They kindly allowed all the riders in for an after party that included snacks and more photos.
Overall a really wonderful ride and a wonderful afternoon.  I hope to do it again next year, except I’m going to find a better outfit.


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  1. New site looks slick….

  2. I always miss this ride! Everybody looks so dapper. Thanks for the tip about Hollywood Vintage – good to know 🙂

  3. Ah hah! This explains some of the people I saw in old timey guard here or there on Sunday… I didn’t know Hollywood Vintage rented, but will now have to keep that in mind for future events instead of having to scour stores to put together a costume.
    Also props on the new magazine like layout design for your site!

  4. Thanks Pech! Hope to run into you around town again soon.

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