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One of my and my husband’s favorite things to do together is play games.  Sometimes the classics like Chess or Scrabble, but usually we go more a bit more nerdy.  If you are familiar with Settlers of Catan (The “gateway game” as I like to think of it) you’re on the right track.  Jacob really loves resource management games like Agricola and Stone Age, while I love collaborative games like Pandemic and Forbidden Island.  Our favorite game store, Cloud Cap Games is in Sellwood, which is kind of a long drive from our house, so we were really excited to hear about a new game store close-in in Southeast Portland, called Guardian Games.


guardian games tables

Guradian Games is right off of SE MLK, not far from OMSI and it’s huge!  They have a really big selection of board games.  Rows and rows and that’s just a small section of the store.  Most of the space if filled with tables for playing games.  They host lots of game nights: Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, D&D and tons of other games I don’t even know.  There are dozens of tables in the main room, and even more in a separate bar area!  That’s right they have a bar with a few beer taps.  On our visit we grabbed  a couple Fat Tires and played a round of Ticket to Ride.  That’s  another great game.  Easy to learn.
This is a store designed to hang out in.  While we were there, a big group of teens were playing some kind of computer game, all buying sodas and snacks.

guardian games ticket to ride

guardian games legos

This place is a gamer’s superstore.  They have board games, video games, party games  and even a nice selection of legos.  We were really impressed with the “by-the-brick” bin.
The customer service seemed good, but it lacked some of the personal touch  I’ve found at other game stores.  That said,  I’m sure I will be back.  The location is excellent, it’s a fun place to spend time and it’s  good to know they will probably have whatever you’re looking for.


guardian games entrance

3 Comments on Guardian Games

  1. We love Catan too! We even play with my parents in law! lol
    One of our friends goes to that place to play Magic cards, apparently this is the place to be when you love games.

  2. dave scahoen // May 10, 2016 at 9:18 am //

    interesting place to visit. am a gamer from way back, as i am a boomer generation fellow. Board game playing is still strong in our family as is our next generation.

    I and my 2 partners have created a board game and are currently beginning its modest marketing efforts (of which we understand the complexities and are busy pursuing) So, as a game player i find this place quite interesting and will seek it out!

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