The Artist’s Way: Week 7

Week 7 is about “Recovering a Sense of Connection”.  I spent time thinking about my connection with the people, places and projects in my life.   And thinking about HOW I connect with the world, how it connects with me.  I did all my morning pages, but I did not do an Artist’s Date.  So that sucks.  I feel guilty about it but Im moving on. I did take some extra time to do the writing exercises in the book.  It was a good week, I felt some syncronicity with people in my Digital Marketing Class.

The biggest take away for this week was about jealousy.  Thats an emotion I struggle with a lot and the book has some really good advice that I’m taking to heart.  The Artist’s Way suggests that you use jealousy as a road map.  If you are extremely jealous, it might be for lack of action in your own life.  If you’re jealous about someone’s position at work, perhaps you should look at what they did to get there, or what you did not do.  I’ve found this to be true for me about blogging.  At times I’ve had a real inferiority complex about it.  I’d be jealous of other bloggers big and small for their success, projects and sponsorships.   I have since realized  realized that was because I was not working hard enough on my own blog.  Now I work really hard and the jealousy has (mostly) gone away.  Sometimes it rears its head when seeing the work other people do who do not have full time jobs.  I’m doing just about everything I can to grow and expand my content and readership  (with the time I have) so I have nothing to be jealous of anymore.  Now I need to apply that to a couple other issues.  Money, work and family.

Next week, “Week 8: Recovering A Sense of Strength,” will be focused on time.  Don’t let time limit you.  You are never too old to pursue your dreams and goals.



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  1. I love your “Artist’s Way” blog entries. I was browsing through them last night and your thoughts on jealousy resonated with me. This morning, I read a passage from a memoir (Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin) that made a similar insight. The author notes that before she decided to make a radical change and become an author, she always felt envious of the writers in the class notes of her alumni magazine. I thought that synchronicity was neat. It kind of solidified the message for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks Gillian! I’ve been really enjoying working through the book. It’s almost over and I’m getting sad about it. I’ve found it so helpful to get over my lost baby and stalled career. I’m hoping I can keep the momentum going and truly change my life. BTW- Happier at Home is currently on my nightstand, but I have not cracked it yet.

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