The Artist Way: Week 5

This week was all about “Recovering A Sense of Possibility.”

I really connected with one of the readings in the book about “finding the river”.  It really resonating with my life as I work towards different projects.   I feel like things are happening and moving and changing  even beyond what I can see,  taking me to projects, ideas and opportunities beyond my current life.  Beyond my job, beyond my blog, beyond Portland?  I think this means I’m learning to be more open.  Progress.


This week I had a lot of success.  I did my morning pages every day.  I did most of the exercises in the book.  And I took an Artist’s Date.  This week the date was more about inspiration and just spending some time alone, than creating.  I walked the entire length of Hawthorne Blvd.   It was nice to shop at my own pace, only looking at the stores I was interested in.  My only rule was no podcasts.  I have a tendency to check out when I’m listening and I wanted to be present in the moment.  I came up with some new ideas for my living room, looked at some Super 8 Equipment and considered buying a beautiful Royal Blue Coat (Didn’t quite fit right)IMG_3554.


I’m beginning Week 6 now “Recovering  Sense of Abundance”.  I’ll be focusing on a major road block for a lot of people, including myself: money.  It warns this week may feel volitile.  Oh ohh….


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