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The other day I did a double take while on a little walk in the Pearl District.  Tilt  just oppened a new location!  They’ve been on my list for a while, but just haven’t been able to get down to their original location on Swan Island, so guess what?  They came to me!  Well sort, of.  I don’t usully care for the Pearl District, but I seem to be spending a lot of time in that area latley… humm.  Is the Pearl District changing?  Or am I?

tilt pie case

The reason Tilt has been on my radar is primarily the burgers.  I’ve kind of been a burger addict lately.  When it comes to “junk” food, I would much rather have a burger than  pizza.   Not to knock some of our amazing local pizza and burger joints, but calories are calories.  Anyway, Tilt: It has a reputtion for huge, outrageous burgers.  Blue collar food they say is “build for the american work force”.  But not only only do they do huge burgers, they do pie as well.  And I love me some pie.  Any place that has an actual pastry case wins big points with me.

tilt burger 2

tilt shop towels

The menu was a little intimidating for me, these burgers are really complicated and I could not sort them out, so in a fit of indecision I ordered the Big Tilt.  It’s the first thing on the menu, so I figured it was a good place to start.  Only after I sat down, did I realized that the burger I ordered has two patties and an extra bun.  Just like a big mac!  What had I gotten myself into?!?!  Thank god I passed on an order of fries.  My lunch date, Ben, ordered the Mad Andy, which had onions rings, bacon and blue cheese.  I might go for that one next time.  When the burger arrived I thought, “there’s no way I can finish this”  but… I totally finished it. Ben finished his too.   We both even had room for some pie. (I’m not trying to say these are small burgers, they are huge.)

tilt pie

We took another trip to the pie case and came back to the table with a slice of Key Lime, a slice of Peanut Butter and two cups of coffee.  There is a Ristretto Roasters inside Tilt!  That’s one of my favorite coffee companies in town. It’s a really nice tough to have a good coffee shop inside your store, it really encouraged me to save room for dessert. The key lime was creamy and refreshing, while the peanut butter was rich and dense.   The coffee really hit the spot after such a big meal.

If you like burgers, you should try this place, but that’s not the only reasons.  Pech, from Peachluck’s Food Adventures  wrote highly of the cocktails and Amy from Eating My Way Through Portland, says the fries and tots are great too.  But I’d like to go back again to try their biscuit menu.  My husband is a huge biscuits and gravy fan, I have a feeling Tilt will throw down.

Pearl District: 1355 NW Everett, Suite 120
Swan Island:  3449 N. Anchor Suite 200
Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner, check their website for specific hours.


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout/linky to my post! That peanut butter pie looks sooo good!

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