The Artist’s Way: Week 2

Week two is over and I’m trying to catch up.  I think it went about as well as last week, maybe better.  This week the theme was “Recovering A Sense of Identity” so I spent some time thinking about the activities I enjoy, how I spend my time and how I wish I was spending my time.  I was surprised to realize that most of my favorite activities I have done in the last year.  I’ve traveled internationally, painted, hiked, kayaked, played volleyball and ate in lots of restaurants.

pam 2

pam 1

I caught up on last week’s artist date, by spending an hour walking around Portland with my camera taking photos and then visiting the art store and buying myself a few little things, like a new paint brush, some pens for my morning, pages and a set of cute valentines cards from Martha Stewart.  Speaking of morning pages I did 6 and a half days again.  I’ll try to get them all done next week, but I think 6 and a half was pretty good.  For my Artist Date this week (the other was a makeup date) I went to the Portland Art Museum to see the Francis Bacon triptych.  It was fun to see, but the rest of the museum was even more enjoyable.  I love modern art.  I love the colors, textures, and subject matter.  The walk through the building was so inspiring and on a rainy day there is nothing better.

pam 3

pam 4

The big failure of the week was not getting all the exercises done at the end of the chapter.  I’m going to try to catch up (again) this week and get them finished.  There are some really good ones that I’d like to work through dealing with habit changing and time management.  In the mean time, week 3 begins on “Recovering a Sense of Power”.  I’ll be continuing the morning pages writing and this week I think my artist’s date will be an hour painting!  I have a piece I started last spring that is unfinished.  Time to take some steps to get it done, plus it will be fun!


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