Pendleton Woolen Mills

I finally made it down to the Pendleton Woolen Mill store in Milwaukie.  Pendleton is totally in fashion right now so I thought I’d stop in to see if they have any great deals.  But I’m sad to say they were still out of my price range, but it is a fun store to look around in.  The place was packed when i arrived because the store is popular with rug makers.  They have huge bins of all the scraps from the factory that they sell for $5/pound.  People were buying them up  by the cart.  I’d love to see what they make with them.

They had a lot of beautiful fabrics for sale.  Huge rolls of wool were being sold for between $70-80/yard.  I don’t think I trust my sewing skills enough to spend that much on fabric.  I’m sure i would mess it up.   They did have some discount cuts that were 25% off, so you could pick up something for a small project for about $50.  Flannel was a lot cheaper at $35/yard, I’d consider it for the right project, the prints were something I would totally wear.  The best deal in the store, other than the scraps, was the light weight cotton for $2.50/yard.  Might be good for making a muslin at some point.

Of course they sell all their blankets, the styles I liked the most are $228.  Far out of my current price range, but if anyone wants to buy me one that would be great.  The most important thing to know about this place is that it’s hrd to get to.  It’s on the northbound side of McLoughlin, so I had to pass it and turn around.
So bottom line, this place is expensive but the fabic is incredibly high quality, so for the right project it would be a great place to shop.

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  1. I am a student and would like to a catelog to use this fabric for design.

  2. I nreds peaces,woll fabrics

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