Kennedy School Soaking Pool

So.  It’s hot.  I’m currently locked in my bedroom, in front of the A/C. We only have a little window unit, so on the few days it’s really hot around here, we basically stay in our bed.   I’ve spent the last few hours, alternating between sweating through chores in the rest of the house, then cooling off with episodes of Twin Peaks (Season One) in our dark little sanctuary.  This is my first time seeing the show.  I’m hooked.

This weekend I had what I THOUGHT was a brilliant idea.  A fun way to cool off just a few miles from home, but I was wrong.  Kind of.  My so-called brilliant ideas was to try out the Kennedy School Soaking Pool.  It’s been on my list for a long time and what a perfect day to try it out!  When it’s 87 degrees!  So we changed into our suits, drove over, paid for our admission (It’s $5 per person unless you are a hotel guest or live in the neighborhood) bought some drinks at the bar and went inside.

But much to our surprise… the water is HOT!  On a cool October night, it would be heaven, but today…. it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for.  But we were there, so we did it anyway.  I should have known something was amiss when I signed in.  There was VERY few names on the list.  I was expecting a crowd.  But we did share the pool with a family, and another man enjoying a beer.

Even though it was hot, rather than the refreshing dip we were looking for, it was still fun and relaxing.  The pool is beautiful.  It’s surrounded by artistic tile work, and lots of tropical plants.  What makes it a soaking pool rather than a regular pool is it’s depth less than 4 feet, and the benches that line the perimeter.   The water is the only place to sit, there’s no chairs or benches anywhere else.  So no lounging poolside.

Overall, it was a nice experience.  The have a comfortable changing room, with lockers to store your stuff (bring your own lock).  It would be perfect on a cool fall evening with a glass of red wine, but not so much during a July heatwave.

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