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Is this an “only in Portland” thing?  Poetry poles.  It’s kind of like an analog blog.

Anyhow, the only way to write about this is in verse.  Enjoy my attempts at rhymes, haiku and limerick (It’s clean I promise!)

Lyrics and thoughts line the side walks
Kept safe in a neat wooden box
Stories of love lost
And cold mornings of frost
Inspire my nightly journey.  The streets I crisscross.

Poetry and rhymes on the street.
Some are easy to beat.
But others are careful,
To say something special
And share poems with real meat.

Passions shared streetside
With neighbors and with strangers.
Nature, love and loss.

Hidden inside homes.
Connecting from out of sight.
Waiting for a knock.

These photos were taken on dog walks over the last 6 months in NE Portland but they’re all over town.

If you wold like one for your yard, give Doug a call.

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