Seattle Scavenger Hunt

Over Labor Day weekend we took a trip up to Seattle for the Legendary Union of Emmi and Mike. As part of the festivities, they set up a scavenger hunt. Here are our results. By my count we scored 15 out of 40.  Which sounds kind of crappy, now that I write it.


Hug a hipster

Dude dressed in seriously unfashionable ladies clothing

A Handlebar mustache

Three contestants for “homeless or hipster?”

People in some historical period costume

Someone throwing up at earl’s

The wall of death

Pick the troll’s nose

Flip off a “ride the ducks!” boat (Josh did it twice!)

Airborne fish at pike market

The first starbucks

A drink overlooking the water

Oyster happy hour at Elliot bay oyster house

Hug a hipster

People fighting in the line for dick’s

An offensive flyer

Ostentatious recycling

Socks under Birkenstocks (no points if it’s Jim Bane)

A software developer (No prizes for Mike)

Two completely incongruous Protest signs next to each other (hint: pacific place)

Commuter using a unicycle

Put some gum on the gum wall (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TOUCH THE WALL.)

Use a periscope

Pose with Lenin

Go to “a beach.”

A brochure map of the arboretum

Hang from a rafter at gasworks park

Yoga pants with suit jacket

Coasters from microbreweries

A picture from the top of the ferris wheel


the smallest coffee

Two starbucks located within sight of one another

Three starbucks located within sight of each other

“Free Hugs”

A Farmer’s Market

A Floating Farmer’s Market

A snapshot from a kayak

Eating at a food cart

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