Portland Homestead Supply

Live your “Little house on the Prairie” fantasy, without leaving the city!

Does that phrase make you say “Hell yes! How do I do it?” Then get on down to Sellwood for a visit to the Portland Homesteading Supply Company. This is the place for living out all your romantic notions of homestead living.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the canning supplies. The walls are lined with jars and not just any jars… Weck jars. These are the designer jeans of canning supplies. Not your Mom’s mason jar. I bought 3. My salad dressings aren’t going to know what hit them.

Next to the jars is the Cheesemaking section. I picked up some new cheese cloth (This summer, I had to dip into my cheese supplies to make some beer). Next to that, a cooler full of yogurt and sourdough starts.

One of the sales people suggested I head out to see the animals (!!!!) and on my way, I passed a small garden section and picked up a bag of rye seeds for my winter cover crop.

Outside, there’s a little covered area with a few animals. These are the shop’s pets. 2 chickens, 2 goats and one bunny. The goats had a fun little play area, but there were napping during my visit.

On the way out I walked through the soap making and candle making section. Plus, I spotted a beautiful cider press. Can someone loan me $600?

Most exciting, I found out they teach classes like coffee roasting, pressure canning and tortilla making. Might be perfect for a rainy winter weekend.

With that, I’m off to mill my own flour. Ok.  Not really.   But maybe someday my homestead dreams will come true.

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