Legendary Safari Club

“Who wants to drive 50 miles into BFE with me to look at some dead animals?!?!”
Thank goodness I have friends who reply: “Sure! When shall I pick you up?”

So a couple weeks ago, off we went to Estacada, Oregon. Of course the real question is, why do I want to go to Estacada on a Friday night?  To visit the Legendary Safari Club!

It’s LEGEN-wait for it-DARY (as NPH would say). I know… I know.. I’m a huge nerd.

After about an hour, winding through the backroads of Clackamas County, we rolled up in front of the bar at 11pm. Outside there were huge window displays, much like you’d see in a department store, but these were full of animals ripping each other to pieces.

We had not even taken taken a sip of beer before two separate people proclaimed “you girls aren’t from around here, are you?” All of them, amazed we would drive out just to see this bar. But for me and Emmi, it was totally worth it.

I mean look at this place. It’s like a dusty version of the Museum of Natural History. Lions, tigers & bears, oh my!

The place is actually really big, most of the walls are lined with huge diorama display cases. Can you call life size animals a diorama?  I’m going to.

We kept switching tables so we could get closer looks at each animal display, while everyone else celebrated a 40th birthday and danced. One of the locals told us that the only reason people from Estacada go to the Safari Club is for birthdays because its so big.  If this is the crappy bar in Estacada, maybe we should go back to see the other ones, they much be amazing!

While all the dead animals really SHOULD have bothered me, the only thing that really did, was this giant elephant head. I’m not even sure it’s real… It seemed out of place and poorly lit for such a huge trophy, but based on the rest of the bar I’m guessing it is.  It just seems especially sad, they didn’t even have the decency to stage it in a violent fight with another beast.

After a couple Bud Lights we decided it was time to hit the road.  It was late and we had a long drive back. I would definitely go back. Maybe not just for fun on a Friday night, but if I’m headed out  camping or maybe looking for a Christmas Tree I’ll  totally make a stop.

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