Timberline Trail: Food

For me, the best part of planning this trip, has been the menu. I’ve never been backpacking before, but I am a foodie and what we eat is important to me. Plus, this is my vacation and I don’t want to spend it choking down Powerbars at every meal.    So, here’s my plan for three days of tasty, light weight, non perishable food.

We aren’t going to start hiking until 2 or 3 pm on Saturday so all we have that day is dinner:

Saturday dinner:
Tacos with ground turkey, lettuce, & cheese. (we are starting late in the afternoon, so I think we’ll be okay taking some frozen meat).   Ginger snaps.

Sunday breakfast: oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit, instant coffee.

Sunday lunch: Wraps with leftover tortillas, lettuce, cheese and summer sausage.

Sunday dinner: Indian night. Two tasty bite meals & precooked rice.

Monday breakfast: freeze dried breakfast skillet with tortillas (if we have some left), fried spam, instant coffee. (Eek my first spam!)
Monday lunch:  Wheat thins, summer sausage, cheese, peanut butter.

Monday dinner: Freeze dried chili Mac and freeze dried apple cobbler.

Tuesday breakfast:  Oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts, instant coffee.

Tuesday lunch: Whatever is leftover probably crackers & peanut butter.

Plus, we have a huge stash of snacks that includes dried fruit, trail mix, ginger snaps, red vines & lots of  bars.

Here’s what we are bringing to prepare it all:

We should be eating pretty well… But we shall see.  We leave in a few hours.   Look for photos next week!

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