The Peculiarium

A sudden change of plans.  My two best friends and I were headed to Sauvie Island to go berry picking, when I saw the sign.  I was going too fast, but made the turn anyway.  Quick decision…  we were going to cross one of my 2012 goals off the list right now.  We were visiting a store in NW Portland called, The Peculiarium.

I’d heard things about this store… I heard it was a museum, hot dog stand, and that they sold ice cream sundaes with real bugs as toppings.  Luckily, Emmi and Gloria are up for this type of adventure, that’s why they’re my best friends.

It was all of the above.  There is a giant 15-foot bigfoot at the door, a big display of candy (that does include some freeze-dried bugs) and an ice cream counter.

But in the back is where it gets… peculiar.  An alien autopsy scene, and a weird museum of just stuff.  Weird art and bizarre sets.  The creepiest part was this camera…. watching Gloria.

But overall it was just a little ice cream and candy shop with some weird stuff to look at.  I’m glad I went but I’m not sure there’s a need to go back any time soon.

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  1. Creepers…

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