Birthday Love

It’s my birthday!  31 years and going strong.  I’ve had a lot of people tell me that their 30’s were way better than their 20’s… so far it’s true, but it’s still just getting started.  But as I kick off another year, here are  5 things making me happy right now.

(An exercise inspired by Joy & Tracy)

1) VOLLEYBALL — I don’t know what got me started playing volleyball, but my first team was in the 8th grade.  I wore Betty Boop boxer shorts  and had some big bangs.  Bigger than the ones I have now.  I always loved but, but I did not love the girls I played with, so I quit and joined the marching band instead… but I never stopped loving volleyball.  Just finished a great indoor season… Sand volleyball starts in a couple weeks and I’m freaking stoked!

2) CHEVRON– I confess.  I only found out about 6 months ago that this zig zag pattern is called Chevron.  Do you think the gas station was named after a pattern?  Or was the pattern named after the gas station.  But anyway I’m kind of obsessed, between this rug and my quilt I’m going a little crazy.

3) Cherry Chomper– When you have a Cherry Chomper, you come up with excuses to use it.  Who DOESN’T want to use a chomper?  I mean come on!  It is hands down the cutest kitchen gadget ever.

4) Embroidery Scissors– These scissor were totally worth an extra 5 bucks.  They make me smile every time a snip a little threat.  Plus they are sharp as hell.  Don’t come at me while I’m sewing… I’ll shank you!

5)  Pig Speaker!– Totally unnecessary, birthday gift to myself.  But hey, I’m worth it right?  I have a huge pig collection, some of which is up in my kitchen (note: pig cutting board in background) so it fits well, plus I listen to a lot of podcasts while I’m cooking and I’m sick of my earbuds getting caught on the cabinets and ripping out of my ears.

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  1. I love that pig speaker!! So cute. Also, completely agree on the cherry chomper, it is the most fun kitchen tool.

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