Life in our house has changed a lot recently.

Jacob got a new job.  Yeah!

But the hours are terrible.  Booo…

And that job is far away, so he has to take the car.  The car that we share. For the most part, sharing the car works great and saves money… but right now, he’s tired and I’m stranded.  But no sooner did he start the job, than a solution arrived. Car2Go!

What I need is a way to get to work, that’s faster than the bus.  Because lets be honest, sometimes I spend too much time screwing around on Pinterest in the morning and I miss my bus.  Well maybe not sometimes.  All the time is probably more accurate… but anyway, Car2Go to the rescue.  It kicks Zipcar’s ass.

Who wouldn’t want to drive one of these?  Smartcars are awesome.  You know you want to…

Maybe it’s the hippie in me, but I love that it’s organic.  The cars just move around all over the city, sometimes there’s one in your neighborhood, sometimes there are  three, other times there are none.  Usually when I drive one to work, I park it in front of the building and by the time I go on a Starbucks run  two hours later, it’s gone!

I also love that it has a touch screen dashboard.  And that you get to use a cool membership card.  And that parking and gas are included.

Most importantly, I don’t feel stranded anymore.  If I want to go someplace I can. Usually I don’t… but the option is there.  (Does that make me sound like a 80-year-old shut-in?)

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