Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen

Nothing says celebration, like a blue drink.  I learned that early in life and swore them off when I was 21 and 4 months old, after a night of AMFs.  Uggg… who drinks those other than 21 year olds?

It’s been nearly 10 years, and I finally broke my blue drink ban… accidently.  That’s what happens when you order the “Dealer’s Choice” cocktail on the happy hour menu at a place like Luc Lac.

It’s a new spot in downtown Portland that I walk by all the time on my lunch hour.  Only ordering off the food menu, I can’t say much about the food.  We had the wontons, a meat skewer and crispy rolls.  Only $2 during happy hour and they were all great, but hardly a meal.  The place is packed at lunch and I hear it’s just as packed at night.

I will go back though.  Cocktails that feature coconut cream and tapioca bubbles?  Yes, please!  Plus, all the yelp reviews say the banh mi and pho are excellent.


Between 2nd & 3rd n SW Taylor

Monday- Saturday: Lunch 11-2, Happy Hour 4-7, Dinner 4-12pm (Friday and Saturday open until 4am!)


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  1. What’s the next time we’re all downtown at night? Will this be the new place we amble to in search of food? You know my stance on bahn mi.

  2. I might have to try this place out since they have my favorite bahn mi. 🙂 The bar looks pretty cool too.

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