A New Year

Well, I took an extended break from this space, but I’m back.  I initially stopped posting because my camera broke… but then I just never started back up.  I could blame it on my  work schedule or the weather… but both of those are pretty lame excuses and who really cares anyway?  It’s a new year… or at least it will be in a few more days.

I’m a huge fan of New Years goals.  Notice I did not use the word RESOLUTION.  To me that word implies that you will change something about the person you are and I don’t think that is necessary.  Instead, I like to make goals… just a list of things I’m going to achieve in the next 6 months.  One of those is obviously getting this blog back up and running.  I might expand the scope of my posts a little to some of my hobbies, like cooking, sewing or the occasional craft night.  And I’m just a few days away from finally replacing my camera.

So, here are my 2012 Kristi Does PDX goals.  (I hope to get all of them done before my birthday in June, so I can make a new list)

1) Shop at the Peculiarium on NW Thurman.

2) Eat a Korean Fried Chicken Dinner at Boke Bowl.  I’ll be calling on my friends for help with this one.

3) Hike the entire Wildwood Trail in one weekend.  Jacob and I are already planning this adventure… it will be  like backpacking, but I’ll get to sleep in my own bed.

4)  Visit Oregon’s Maritime Museum.  I rode my bike by it everyday all summer and never went in?  Inexcusable,  Plus, it’s on a boat.  A boat!

5) Bike the Banks-Vernonia state trail.

Happy new year everyone!

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  1. I’m pumped the blog is back!

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