Ok.  I have been guilty for a a long time, years in fact, of judging.  For some reason, I assumed that this fantastic store, that looks so exciting and full of life from the outside, was nothing more than a stuffy, over-priced, antique store… and I was SOOO wrong.

Cargo, in the Pearl District on NE 13th Ave, is a treasure trove.  This is what Pier One Imports USED to be.

It’s packed full of beautiful things for your home & garden: furniture, knick-knacks, beads and costume jewelry, statues, posters, all kinds of heads, and tons of Buddhas.  Things from around the world, SE Asia, Mexico, India.

This is the place to go if you need something to snazz up your home, or to shop for a gift.  A great place to spend a rainy Portland day, and it’s now on my “must visit” list for Christmas shopping.


380 NW 13TH AVE


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