Providence Bridge Pedal

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I have been wanting to participate in the Providence Bridge Pedal for about 5 years now and this year is it.

August 8th.

We are doing it.  We have bikes, we have helmets, and we are officially registered.  From what I’ve heard from friends, it’s really pretty crazy especially at the start.  So packed that its hard to actually ride, but eventually it spreads out and is supposed to a lot of fun.


We will be doing the 7-bridge, 23 mile ride, but there is also a longer, 10-bridge 36-mile route and a shorter 5-bridge 11-mile ride.  If you have done it in the past, the routes are a little different this year due to the closure of the Broadway Bridge.

When you register pre-ride day it will cost $25-35 depending on the route you choose and $35-45 the day of the ride, so register early and save money.

August 8th.

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