Alberta Art Hop

Alberta Art Hop… like Last Thursday… on steroids.  Or at least that’s how it seemed to me.  For the last 3 years, I’ve been working nights and can’t make it for what I consider one of the best “Portland” events, but a couple times a year, they do it bigger and better on the weekend.

From 12th all the way to 29th, Alberta was closed to cars and open to people, bikes, babies, dogs and even a robot.   Sooooo many babies, sooooo many dogs.

Not to mention street performers, more than 100 artists selling their wares, food carts and six stages with music.

I really wish I had brought more money. I cold have EASILY spent and entire pay check.  Clothes, jewlery, soap, paintings, garden art, I want it all!

I don’t have kids, but these clothes really made a great argument for why I should!

At the center of all of the shopping, food and people was art.  One goal for the day was painting murals.  Up and down the street were artists working on pieces that will later be hung on the side of Alberta street businesses.  More communities need to do this because it really adds personality and love to a neighborhood.

I can’t wait to pay a visit later this month to go see the finished products.  If you haven’t been to Alberta Street, go now.  It should really be on the Portland “must see” list along with Powell’s and the Pioneer Square.  Try to go to a Last Thursday or the Alberta Street Fair coming up in August.  Or for a calmer, quieter day just stroll the street your self.  Make sure to go all the way from 10th to 30th, there is great shopping, food and bars the entire way.

On last thing.  Check out this little entrepreneur!  Brilliant.  We actually had to wait in line for our lemonade she was so popular.

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