Love Your Local Library

Ok.  I have a confession.  I am a library junkie.  We’re talking, dining room table covered with books; cook books, craft books, local authors, history books, manuals, audio books.  Piles and piles.  Sometimes it gets so bad, my husband has to intervene and I go cold turkey (forced to read the piles of books I already own).  But like clockwork, a couple weeks later, I’m back on the wagon.

I blame the Multnomah County Library System and their way too easy website..  They are like a drug dealer who never goes to bed, never turns off their cell phone…and delivers!

If you live in Portland and don’t have a card… GET ONE NOW.  Then locate the library branch nearest you.  Hit the website and start putting books on hold.  If the book you want is at the central library and you live closer to Sellwood.. no problem, they send the book to Sellwood!  When it arrives you get a e-mail, you hustle down,  double park (you’ll only be in for a minute) grab the book, check it out and go!

At many libraries, you don’t even have to wait in line for a librarian, they have self check out stands that make it fast and possibly too easy (if you are a book junkie like me).  And if the book you want is all checked out, that’s okay… put a hold on it.  A few months from now, you’ll get a little surprise in your inbox.

One more reason to love them.  A couple days before the book is due.  Another e-mail, just to remind you before those late fees start to add up.

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