#360Summer Peninsula Park

Week One of my new #360Summer project. This week I’m taking you into the blooms in the classic rose garden in Portland’s Peninsula Park.

Summers are hard for me as a blogger.   There is so much going on around the city, but I kind of go into vacation mode.  I spend a lot of time at our family cabin or in our backyard.  There are a few things I always pack into the summer, like trips to Sauvie Island, Enchanted Forest and a few hikes in the gorge. But for the most part I’m kind of boring.  I think it’s the heat.  

So this year, I’m trying  something new and embarking on a big all-summer project that combines my love of the city with my other passion: video production.  This summer, from solstice to equinox I’m going to be documenting my favorite spots in Portland in 360 degrees.  I’m fascinated by the new VR technology out there, especially since viewers are incredibly inexpensive.  In fact Google even has instructions for making your own!  

So without further ado… I resent #360summer Week One:  Peninsula Park. 

You can view this here, or on Facebook.  I’ll put up a teaser on Instagram but that platform does not yet support 360 video.  And it you happen to have VR goggles, try it out.  It works great!  Look for more videos like this through the end of September!

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