Find out why this tiny little spa tucked away off of SE Clinton Street is my favorite place to spend a cold afternoon.

If there is one business in Portland that is hands down my favorite, it’s Loyly.  It’s not for everyone.  But it’s definitly for me.  Loyly is a day spa focused around the sauna traditions of Scandinavia.  If I were living my life the right way, I would be here once a month.  For me, it is the most rejuvenating and relaxing experience I can imagine.  And so I’m sharing it with you!

mirrorrecep courtsey loyly

Photo courtesy Loyly

It’s not like your usual day spa, so here is a rundown of how it works:  

Admission includes 2 hours in the spa, unless you are getting additional services (massage, facial, etc) then your visit will be longer.   At check in they give you a locker key, towels and sandals.  Robe rental is extra but I highly suggest it, I would get too cold without it.  You can also get packages that include services or little beauty treatments.  I like the Head to Toe package that includes a foot soak, body scrub, face mask and cleansing tea.  

In the locker room you get undressed lock up your stuff, then hit the showers so you are nice and clean before using the facilities.  Take your little towel called a pefletti with you into the lounge area.  You use this to sit on in the sauna.

Now the fun begins.  I like to really mentally check out at this point. Hang up your robe on a hook and head into the sauna.  Hang out in the sauna for 10 minutes or so, then head back into the lounge.  Traditionally you are supposed to take a cold shower at this point to stimulate circulation, but I rarely do.  Kind of a wimp I guess.  Grab a magazine (they always have great magazines) some cool water or tea and relax for a bit.  When you are ready, repeat the process.

At the southeast location they also have a steam room, which is totally my jam, especially in the winter.   Add that into the rotation.  A few rounds of this and two hours will pass by in NO TIME.  I alway leave wishing I could stay longer.  

NE lounge courtsey loyly

Photo courtesy Loyly

They also offer massages, facials and scrubs.  A massage bookended with an hour in the sauna is pretty heavenly.  And the prices are reasonable, but personally I am happiest with two uninterrupted hours in the sauna.  Peace, quiet and heat are the name of the game here.  

A couple things you should know:

  1. There are women only, men only and co-ed days.  Double check the schedule before making an appointment.  I’ve only gone on the women only days, so I can’t speak to what it’s like at the other times.  
  2. No one is going to force you to take your clothes off, but most people are nude on the women-only days.  A few wear swimsuits but I highly suggest just taking it all off, you actually stand out more with a suit on!  They have robes for you to wear in the relaxation area so you are really only naked inside the sauna and steam rooms. 
  3. There are two locations, one in southeast (where I always go) another in northeast.  All the photos in this post are of the NE location.  
lounge3 courtsey loyly

Photo courtesy Loyly

The wet, cold winter here can be  bone-chilling.   Loyly is a great cure.  If it helps the Scandinavians survive winter, it can help us here in Oregon too.  Next time you a need to warm up, give them a try.  Happy sweating!

2713 SE 21ST AVE  & 3525 NE MLK JR BLVD

Top photo courtesy Loyly

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