Clackamas County Fair

Pigeons, fried cheese curds, cows, award winnings pies, and goats jumping through hoops! Check out my trip to the Clackamas County Fair.

I love fairs.  County fairs and state fairs alike.  I love seeing the animals, going on rides, playing midway games, admiring the baked good and especially oogling the giant vegetables.  Every year one of my favorite Portland bloggers, Alicia Paulson, posts beautiful photos of the Clackamas County Fair, so this week I drove out to Canby to check it out.  It’s a real country fair with everything you expect plus and a few surprises (Goat Agility!  What?)  Here are just some of the 200 photos I took!  And if you want to check it out for yourself, the fair continues today and tomorrow.  Clackamas Fair rodeo sign

Clackamas Fair grounds

Clackamas Fair Baby

Clackamas fair tomatoes

Clackamas fair first onion

Clackamas Fair oddity potato

Clackamas fair frog tomato

Clackamas Fair roses

Clackamas County Zinnia

Clackamas Fair Canned goods

Clackamas Fair Pies

Clackamas Fair Snow Cone cart

Clackamas Fair fried curds

Clackamas Fair llama

Clackamas Fair calf

Clackamas County Fair Pig

Clackamas County Fair Pigeon

Clackamas fair goat agility

AUGUST 18-23, 2015

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  1. Your pictures are wonderful, as usual, but the one of your daughter…wow! Such a cutie!

  2. Thanks Laura! She is a cutie, growing too fast of course.

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