Forest For The Trees

Have you noticed all the murals around Portland recently?  I feel like they’re everywhere.  Such a nice way to spruce up the city, beautiful art where everyone can see it.  Part of the reason behind this is a project that was finished at the end of August called Forest For The Trees, a mural project where artists in association with the Regional Arts and Culture Council installed 15 new murals around the city.  They have a great website with a map of all of them.  It also includes two bike routes, so you can tour them on two wheels as well.  The current weather might not be the best for bike rides, but keep it in mind for the next sunny day.  I only got photos of 6 of the 14, there are many more to go find.  Enjoy!

mural 1

mural 2

mural 3

mural 4

mural 5

mural 6



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