10 Great Portland Coffeeshops

It’s raining so it’s time to hunker down with something hot to drink at one of our beautiful coffeeshops. Here are a few places to try out…

The weather has officially changed and that means it’s coffee shop season again.  I guess it’s not really a season, but it sure feels like one when you stop in at some of the most popular spots.  You need to get up pretty early in the morning to find a seat in a coffeeshop on a rainy Portland day.  I admit, I am among the throngs Portlanders looking for a spot to enjoy a good cup of coffee and some uninterrupted laptop time.

bipartisan cafe

Today I am writing from the Bipartisan Cafe in Montavilla.   And it is BUSY.  Only room on the couch!  But I consider myself lucky to get a spot.  And this has me turning to my own website, for ideas on where to go next time I need to get out of the house.  I’m trying to enjoy it now, before the baby comes and I’m housebound for at least a few months.

So here are 10 coffee shops to consider if you need a place to work or just relax with a cappucino:

Random Order Coffeehouse– Most people consider this spot for pie, but it’s a great coffeeshop too.  Not only do they have coffee there’s also a great cocktail menu, plus it’s open until midnight 4 nights a week, so great for night owls.

Crema— My hands-down favorite bakery in PDX.  But another spot that can be nearly impossible to find a table.  Try early morning and afternoons for the best luck.  Don’t miss the cheddar corn biscuits.

Java Vivace–  A beautiful Victorian home on the north end of NW 23rd that serves coffee and crepes.  It’s spacious and has a nice vibe.  Plus I’ve been going here since I was in high school (!) so I like to keep them in business.

Fleur De Lis Bakery & Cafe–  A nice bakery in the Hollywood District.  Other than on the weekend, I have ALWAYS been able to find a table here.  They cater to the mom and retired crowd, but who cares when they have great coffee, pastries and an actually breakfast menu.  They recently switched to Water Avenue Coffee which is an improvement IMO from Stumptown’s Hair Bender (I should write a piece sometime about my distaste for Hairbender.   Other Stumptown coffee is great but Hairbender makes by tastebuds schrivel up.)

Tabor Space– A coffee shop inside a CHURCH!  Perhaps a turnoff for some, but if you really need to work, there is no better space.  It’s almost like a library inside, plus it’s beautiful.   Go somewhere else if you and the ladies want to chat about your lady problem or recent one-night stands, everyone will hear you!

5 Coffee Shops, 5 Days– A little piece I did this time last year, where I spend a whole week trying out a new (to me) coffee shop in each of the five quadrants.  It was a lot of fun.  I might need to do this again!

Happy coffee season everyone.  Let me know if there’s someplace I need to check out.

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