Portland Fashion Week: Fall 2014

Portland Fashion Week redeems itself (IMO), with a fun and stylish show in the heart of downtown.

This is my third time at Portland Fashion Week and I must say…. much improved!  Last spring it was held in the basement of the Memorial Colisuem and the whole experience came up a little short.  I was in the second row and still couldn’t see!  They tried their best, but it’s tough to dress up dumpy looking place like the Memorial Coliseum.  Lipstick on a pig.   But this fall they made up for it, with a show in the heart of Portland at Pioneer Courthouse Square.  While that location has it’s challenges, it was SOOOO much better.  So much classier and so much more appropriate.

PFW Fall 2014 2

PFW Fall 2014 1


PFW Fall 2014 3

There was one downside, at least for me.  The shows were all on weeknights this year.  I’m assuming this was so they could use that location, but it made it tough for me to attend since I work nights.  But I gave it my best shot, and went on my dinner break!  I was so pleased to see they had an actual raised runway, and even from my place in nearly the back row, I could see everything except shoes.   Unfortunately, the show started more than half an hour late, so I was only able to stay for the first three collections.

PFW Fall 2014 4

PFW Fall 2014 8

Brady Lange, a designer I’ve seen before kicked off the show with a collection he said was inspired by “bubble gum”.  I thought it was more “americana” but either way it was really fun. Lots of people in underware!  Hard to hate that!
Next was Klad Apparel out of Seattle, clothes I’d actually wear!  Beautiful flowing pieces, in nude and earth tones.  A great fall look, I thought her whole line was just amazing.  I was planning on leaving, after Klad…. but then the kids came out.  Sister Fresh is a children’s line and the crowd went CRAZY for the little models.  They were adorable!  I love that the designer focuses on dressing girls like girls and not making them look like little adults.
PFW Fall 2014 9


That’s all I got to see, but I hear that the rest of the show was really fun.  Evidently  some of the crowd got a little boozy after the intermission but that probably made it even better.  The show continues tonight and will return again for a spring run sometime in April/May 2015.   Nice work Portland Fashion Week!

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